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Dear light friends, welcome to another LPWA Meet-up - LPWA Pacific North West Meet-up 2017 in beautiful locations, which mostly will be CAVES!
This is some links to this area, welcome to explore: one, two, three, four.


Simple conditions which should you follow to participate:
- Please, register via tchourkino @ Your full name, artist’s name (if you have it), your Facebook account (direct link please), your LPWA personal account (if you have it), your country/city, your cell phone number (in international code, should be started with +, also you should install WatsApp for fast connection with group on site).

- This will be an outdoor event. Campsites are free where the meet will take place.

- Collaboration sites and exploring caves will require some hiking, & climbing.

- 4x4 vehicle not required. Small vehicles may have some trouble parking in the camp area.

- Information and conversations about the meet up will be addressed in the Facebook group.

- You have to sign agreement with LPWA for protection of your copy rights (included in FB event group)

Meet-up supervisor is Chris Bauer, LPWA North West Representative.
Chris Bauer can be contacted at chris @

Ideas for massive artworks currently are in progress and discussed in FB event group. Any ideas are welcome!
All information in this page could be edited in accordance with current news. Check actual information on FB event group, please.

Best regards Sergey

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